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"The emotions" exhibition of graphics in Foto Cafe 102

The series of prints "The emotions" is an illustration of my emotional states.

Emotions are the beginning. They are an inspiration - creative idea which is built on replaceable relations with the environment.
Organized graphic constructions go into chaos, chaos is again seeking to be ordered. Is quick creative act better for the fixation of violence emotions? Is the long-term process - drypoint technique - not getting lost what was on the beginning?

The time and energy, associated with the graphic creation, care and intensify density of feelings. Traces which the needle leaves on the metal sheet are like the emotions that will leave scratches in our mind. After all, emotional states last for some time longer after the reason lost the power of influence...

Aneta Kowalczyk, 1980, Poland

Graduated The Wladyslaw Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Lodz. Faculty Graphics and Painting, main field of study: Graphic Arts, Metal Techniques Art Room.

Main activeness: traditional printmaking techniques and combination of graphic techniques and painting: acrylic, watercolor and pastel.
She won the award in the IX International Kosciuszko Exlibris Competition organized by National Museum in Wroclaw. Her diploma works were presented at the Exhibition of the Best Diplomas of The Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Lodz: "ASP Yearbook 2012" in the Central Museum of Textiles.

In addition, she participates in exhibitions of small graphic forms and Exlibris. Her artworks could be seen at exhibitions e.g. The Malbork Castle Museum (XXIV International Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary Exlibris, 2013), Kosciuszko Mound in Krakow (220th Anniversary of the Kosciuszko Insurrection Exhibition, 2013), as well as in galleries in Rzeszow, Kielce and Lodz.

Her bookplates were also presented at exhibitions in Australia (Australian Bookplates Design Award, 2013) in ACME et al Gallery in Yarra Glen (2014) and the Royal Exhibition Buildings Melbourne (2014-2015). Furthermore in Germany in the Art - Forum Gallery in Burgstadt (Bookplates and Small Graphic Forms of the Polish, 2014) and in Haltern am See (Deutsche Exlibris Gessellschaft, 2014).
Interview. OTVM - RETSAT1